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What’s Provided


Road & Shoulder Maintenance

Includes tyne and top-up treatment, shoulder grading, grading and shaping of offshoots, table drains and unsealed minor and major rest areas, removal and installation of delineators, culvert markers and signs, clean out of culvert aprons and Type F drains, culvert repairs, general site clean-up including sweeping of road, and removal of vegetation at edge of seal to the top of back slope.

Road Verge Slashing & Whipping

Includes vegetation clearing, traffic management, and off-road slashing and whipping of bridges, batters, roadside stopping areas and offshoot drains.



  • All HDPE pipework, valves, flowmeters, all sizes, buried and surface run

  • HDPE liner installations and dam construction

  • All size earthworks and clearing activities

  • Steel, concrete lined, drainage and PVC pipework

  • Installed bores, headworks and genset/HV power hook ups and commissioning

  • Fixed plant steel and poly modifications

  • Hydrotesting plans and execution at high pressure for all pipework

  • Tailing dam spigot and valve installs and upgrades

  • Potable tank construction, pump installs, potable water systems and all site telemetry

Dry & Wet Hire

  • 140M Grader (or equivalent with Trimble GPS)

  • 760-9 Loader (or equivalent)

  • 330C Excavator (or equivalent)

  • Truck (4.5T Isuzu NPR Tipper)

  • Slasher (Titan FW15)

  • 6 Wheel Water Cart

  • Roller (Smooth Drum or Multi)

  • Skid Steer

  • Semi Water Tanker

  • Mine Spec 4x4 Dual Cab LV (Tray Back)

  • Mine Spec Bus (12 or 22 Seater)

Grader on an Unsealed Road.jpg
Wet Hire of Kenworth 104B
  • Mobilisation & Demobilisation of Plant & Equipment
  • B-Double Side Tippers
  • Super Lift
  • Transportation of materials processed and mined.

Labour Hire

  • Supervisor

  • Operators (Trainee - Advanced)

  • Labourers (CW2)

  • Traffic Controllers

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